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Gympie Cup - Queensland History of Racing

Queensland History of Racing

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Gympie Cup

The Basics

Distance: 1600m
Track Type: Gympie Turf Club
Qualification: Handicap
Purse: $15,000
Region: South East Queensland



2010 Nevada Gambler 1600m S. Arnold B. Gill 59.5 1.39.02
2009 Nevada Gambler 1600m D. McWhinney (A) B. Gill 56 1.39.30
2008 Craiglea Warrior 1150m C. Dixon P. Fleming 59 1.10.13
2007 Not held          
2006 Lord Clinton 1600m K. Pedron (A) K. Treble 53 1.38.20
2005 What a Landing 1600m J. Hoopert T. Williams 55 1.37.40
2004 Roadspy 1600m C. Kearney R. McCall 57 1.38.40
2003 Tekwila 1600m F. Senden E. Harden 51.5 1.40.30
2002 Not held 1600m        
2001 Passion Power 1600m R. Hurley E. Godsell 56.5 1.42.30
2000 Face It 1600m D. Sullivan K. Hill 56 1.38.80
1999 Blue Arrow 1600m J. Hoopert T. Miller 58.5 1.39.80
1998 Duneism 1600m T. Pattillo R. McCall    
1997 Tender Cat 1600m K. Gray E. Godsell    
1996 Balmore 1600m R. Bellert R. Kernick    
1995 Daytone 1600m T . Pratt R. McCall    
1994 Seymour Moss 1600m M. Revenstorf T. McAloon    
1993 Gypsy Tornado 1600m P. Crich H. Richardson    
1992 Cloning 1600m R. Green T. McConechy    
1991 Suell Morn 1600m L .Embrey S. Suell    
1990 Open the Gate 1600m D. Donald E. Trott
 56.5  1.38.8
1989 Sir Theme 1600m D. Donald I. Evans    
1988 Blackie boy 1600m M. Grady J. O'Connell    
1987 Coastal Champ 1600m M. Grady A. Grady    
1986 Amboina 1600m G. Selby L. Hickmott    
1985 Kofoed 1600m I . Jaeger B. Thomas    
1984 Trendy Star 1600m J. Edwards G. Bielby    
1983 Ormiston 1600m   R. Kernick    
1982 Phylbern 1600m R. Andrews G. Cirson    
1981 Better Beyond 1600m J. Andrews      
1980 Northern Command 1600m P. Gillard R. Hall    
1979 Northern Command 1600m E. Tidemann R. Hall    
1978 Hello Charlton 1600m E. Goodwin R. Bartholdt    
1977 Kalara Prince 1600m C. Belsham R. Harms    
1976 Seaforth Lad 1600m   A. Grady    
1975 Emperor's Fancy 1600m L. Hone M. Heit    
1974 Beau Pablo 1600m J. Townsend D. Munce    
1973 Compare 1600m D. Apps W. Gilroy    
1972 Jungle Hunter 1600m J. McPhee A. Whiteman    
1971 Barbanicholas 1600m J. McPhee E. Trott    
1970 Barbanicholas 1600m   E. Trott    
1969 Blue Tact 1600m   R. Euler    
1968 Papilloma 1600m L. Hone P. Duff    
1967 Panvale 1600m J . Busby T.C. Davies    
1966 Fernyhurst 1600m D. Belford T. Hennessy    
1965 Real Smoke 1600m   A. Pratt    
1964 Sumarco 1600m   M. Duff    


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