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Jandowae Cup - Queensland History of Racing

Queensland History of Racing

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Jandowae Cup

The Basics

Distance: 1200m
Track Type: Jandowae Race Club
Region: South East Queensland Country


jandowae race club

2010 Laertes 1200m B. Thomson J. Crompton 55.5 1.10.82
2009 I Dared 1200m G. Bulter J. Hearne  55.5 1.10.13
2008 I Dared 1200m B. Powell J. Hearne 55 1.10.98
2007 Jesters Dance 1200m L. McCoy M. Jeynes 56 1.10.51
2006 Rabbuni 1200m P. Wolfgram D. Gollan 58 1.10.45
2005 Bold Jester 1200m P. Caroll J. Anderson 54.5 1.10.57
2004 Ivresse 1200m D. Hutchins R. Lipp 58 1.10.29
2003 Creona Darkness 1200m L. McCoy M. Kropp 55 1.11.98
2002 Fires Of Ireland 1200m D. VanBekkum A.  Gooden 55.5 1.11.40
2001 Top Faith 1200m R. Thomas R.  McInnes 53.5 1.10.99
2000 Bold Music 1200m R. Kerwin A. Gooden 53.5 1.25.93
1999 Modify Gold 1200m M. Richards S. Simpkins 53.5 1.11.60
1998 Battle Tactics 1200m J. Oakes P. Green    
1997 Velvet “N” Steel 1200m M. Cummings R. Lowe    
1996 Palatial Player 1200m R. Hammond M. Craven    
1995 Mini Chief 1200m C. Roberts B.K. Richardson    
1994 Always Grand 1200m D. Rewald W.H.  Jackson    
1993 Walk Cool 1200m P. Rewald W.W. Hutton    
1992 Picnic Spot 1200m P. Wilson S.J. Park    
1991 Northern Bound 1200m P. Hamblin G. Postle    
1990 Bename 1200m   D.M.  Bamberry    
1989 Coogal’s Rocket 1200m W. Barnes P. Sexton    
1988 Cactus Beach 1200m M. Moloney T.D. Tewes    
1987 Storm Breaker 1200m L. Hoyling W.R.  Cogill    
1986 Game Zephyer 1200m J. Lait T.W.Reid    
1985 Sovereign Sails 1200m D. Ferris J.C. Barnes    
1984 Noble Case 1200m D. Hoppe C.J. Phipps    
1983 King’s Law 1200m W. Drennan L.A. Jarvis    
1982 Deep Reflection 1200m   D. Cleal    
1981 Game Finance 1200m   L.J. Alexander    
1980 Scarlet Moon 1200m   I. Long    
1979 El Courageous 1200m   F.L. O’Neill    
1978 Master Arragon 1200m   K.L. Turner    
1977 Boona Boy 1200m   D. Burns    
1976 Tipperary Glance 1200m   G.A. Bell    
1975 Unknown 1200m        
1974 Brown Opal 1200m   M.E. Nothdruft    
1973 Ashbuzz 1200m   W.R. Thornton    
1972 Gallant Glen 1200m J. Hill K. Webb    


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